Saturday, March 3, 2018

If only...

Back in the early 1980's I was a huge fan of the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting, and especially of the articles in Dragon magazine by Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz, which "advanced the timeline" and laid out the goings-on in setting during the two years after the established date of CY 576 for the folio/gold box era.

I know "advancing the timeline" has a bad reputation in many quarters of Greyhawk fandom, thanks to the bad taste that Greyhawk Wars and From the Ashes left in folks' mouths, but I loved these articles at the time. I really wish that Gygax/Kuntz had been able to at least cover the whole of the Flanaess, but unfortunately the series was discontinued before the south and central Flanaess could be covered.

I hereby present a wish, an "if only this had been able to be", in the spirit of the original articles. It hopefully adds a little color to the setting at this time, without directly contradicting anything that comes afterwards.

Man, I would have given up a lot to have actually read this article back in the day.

You can see a thumbnail of the article in the upper-right. You can read the whole thing here.

Edit: The pdf has been updated to change the reference to Strandkeep Castle, which didn't fall until a few years later, according to the time-frame of Artifact of Evil.