Friday, March 16, 2012

Beyond the Flanaess: Sea of the Dragon King

Inspired by my success with the map of the southern Amedio Jungle, I thought I might expand the project a tad. As I mentioned previously, the lands south and west of the Flanaess have been tackled by a few people before me even though canonical references, beyond the map in Dragon Annual #1, which is good for little more than a few names and major geography, and the Sundered Empire setting from the D20 Chainmail game, are few and far between.

So, without further ado, here's my first map Beyond the Flanaess: the Sea of the Dragon King, in the style of the best gaming maps in the world, by Darlene. This map fits below the Sea of Dust and Amedio Jungle on the maps included with the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting folio, gold box, or From the Ashes. Click to embiggen.

My own attempt is a deliberate effort to go back to the few scant pieces of canon we do have and build directly on them, rather than trying to incorporate other people's fan material (the Sunela Coast, for example) or material that isn't quite based in Oerth, but has, from time to time, been made to fit therein (Hitaxia, Momboddo, etc. from the Sagard the Barbarian books).

What I did use were Gary Gyagx's Gord the Rogue books which, although lacking in detail, at least gives some names of the nations surrounding the Sea of Dust, and thus at least a place to start. That, plus the map and one-page description in Dragon Annual #1, were my chief sources (although the upper-right corner of the map is based on material from The Scarlet Brotherhood by TSR). I'm also trying for an interpretation of oriental culture different than that presented in Kara-Tur (which ain't going to be easy). Thus, my take is going to be a little bit different than that of others over the years, but, hey; it's all mostly non-canon anyway, so why not make it my own?

Also, I threw together a quick couple of pages describing the countries and natural features on the map. Nothing fancy or too in-depth, but you can download it here.


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