Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Versions of Adventures Dark and Deep™ Open Playtest Rules Now Available

I am pleased to announce that the v1.2 versions of the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Players Manual, Game Masters Toolkit, and Bestiary are now available from the web store at

This will likely be the last major revision to the rulebooks for the open playtest. Changes and new material include:
  • New spells, not only for the new classes, but original classes as well.
  • Changes to the player character races (gnomes and halflings especially)
  • New and changed magic items
  • And hundreds of new monsters, rounding out the creatures from all three of the original 1E monster books
Please feel free to download these new books and start using them in your playtest games. As always, feedback (positive is nice, but negative is especially helpful) is not only encouraged, but expected!

UPDATE: 24 hours after the notice went out, exactly 616 pdfs have been downloaded. That comes out to 225 complete sets, taking into account that some people only downloaded one or two books, rather than all three. I'm pretty jazzed about that response rate!