Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun With Hexographer

Late last year I discovered Hexographer, which is an excellent and quite versatile program for creating maps suitable for use with RPGs, wargames, etc. (both fantasy and sci-fi). That, and the equally excellent Dungeonographer now adorn my laptop, and I'll be getting the non-free version of Joe's Coat of Arms Design Studio to continue my Greyhawk coats of arms. Lately I've been playing with Hexographer in particular, now that I'm rolling out a new campaign setting, called Erseta. Here's a small portion of what I've come up with, not following the instructions on creating Darlene-lookalike maps, but taking those instructions as my inspiration for my own:

Click to embiggen, and players in my current campaign feel free to do so. You won't be spoiling anything. The whole thing isn't complete, obviously, but this will give you a little idea of the neat sort of effects the program can do. And I'm just dabbling, still; it's really capable of a whole range of other styles and effects. I heartily encourage those interested in cartography to check it and its companion program out; I can see uses for this in wargames and miniatures gaming as well as straight-out RPGs, both to create scenario maps and campaign maps.