Thursday, May 27, 2010

Call for Nitpickery!

The next release of Castle of the Mad Archmage is intended to be the last in the series of free pdf's detailing the "core levels"; levels 2 through 13 of the dungeon complex. I'm hoping to make the next release a definitive one, hoping not to have to put out a supplemental release to address any issues, and thus I send out the call to you, my faithful readers.

Do you have any questions, concerns, nitpicks, problems, inconsistencies, flubs, rules violations, typos, formatting issues, stairs not lining up, names not matching, etc. etc. etc. with the Castle as it currently stands? Steve has done Yeoman's Work catching my mistakes (and Sweet Istus! is he an unsung hero of this project, as our volunteer proofreader, because I just plain can't proof my own work), but a hundred eyes are better than six.

If there's anything that's caught your eye over the last year and a half that you think should be addressed, or at least looked into, I put out the call. Now's the time to let us know! Please respond in the comments, and help put the final polish on the project.