Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Castle of the Mad Archmage April Release Now Available!

Another month, another level. Welcome to Level 5: The Deeps. Here we find not only several laboratories devoted to magical research (and some attendant libraries), but also the torture chambers and prisons of the Mad Archmage.

Break out your Fiend Folios for this one, folks. This level is thick with the oddest and weirdest of creatures (and flumphs!), as befits the level devoted in part to the creation of monstrous hybrids, affronts to nature, and so forth.

Alas, no new "classic blue" maps from Joe Bardales this time around, so the file is larger than it would otherwise be. Hopefully we'll get some blue in there for the next installment.

Speaking of which, I am not going to be so rigid about sticking to the "level a month" schedule I originally set for myself. I find it's placing an unpalatable work-like pall on a project which I originally intended as a fun endeavor. It comes when it comes (but keep a weather eye on the right side of the blog, where I will keep you posted as to progress).

Up next, Level 6: The Labyrinth.

And as always, if anyone is running CotMA for your players, please do chime in with reports from the field.