Thursday, January 8, 2009

International Traditional Roleplaying Week

TARGA, the Traditional Adventure Roleplaying Game Association (of which I am a supporter), is declaring January 10th - 17th as International Traditional Roleplaying Week. The idea is to get a bunch of us old-school gamers together and run games like OD&D, 1E, 2E, OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, and so forth. As of this writing, they have games scheduled in Iowa, Illinois, Oregon, Ontario, Helsinki, Minnesota, and Georgia.

I am unsure as to whether or not I'll be able to participate myself (due to some scheduling issues-- if that changes I'll post an update here), but it certainly sounds like a terrific idea and I urge everybody to break out their copies of White Plume Mountain, Tomb of Horrors, or Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, put up a sign in your local game shop, and give these young whippersnappers a taste of what it was like back in the day.