Friday, December 26, 2008

The Ol' Switcheroo

I've been giving some serious thought to running a game or two at a local convention. I'd like to solicit some opinions from the readership. Imagine if you were attending a con and signed up for the following game:

You and your team of hand-picked Special Forces operatives are sent into the jungle to rescue hostages taken by a group of narco-terrorists. Can you get the hostages back to the pick-up point in time?
Or maybe this one:

J. Edgar Hoover has tasked you with taking out the bootleggers in northern Massachusetts. Three other agents have disappeared while trying to infiltrate the smugglers' network. Can you succeed where they failed? Tommy-guns are NOT optional.
Both would be done using Savage Worlds, I'm thinking.

Now, my question is, if you signed up for either of those games (and they are both just examples, not the actual game I'm planning on doing), would you feel somehow cheated or otherwise ticked off if in the course of the game it turned out that you were facing off a "Predator" in the first game? Or a Lovecraftian cult in the second? If you were expecting a "straight" military or law-enforcement game, would you be disappointed if it took a sci-fi twist that was otherwise unexpected?

My theory is that having such a plot-twist would be really cool, and an essential part of the "zing" of such a scenario (Arnold Swartzenegger didn't set out to fight an alien hunter), but I am afraid that I'm missing the fact that folks might find such a bait-and-switch not to their taste.