Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Gaming Shelves

Never one to let a good bandwagon go by unjumped-upon, here's what I look at every day as I sit at my computer. Not my complete gaming collection by a long shot, but that's where my eyes light when I sit at the desk waiting for inspiration:

And here are some close-ups of the individual shelves. You'll notice that in front of most of them there is a happy clutter of miniatures, dice, paint, and the like. First, there are my D&D and AD&D rulebooks (plus my Dragonbone taking a prominent spot):

Greyhawk adventure modules and supplements:

Assorted miscellany, including the AD&D Coloring Book slid in along the top:

Lots of Hackmaster, Castles & Crusades, Labyrinth Lord, and Swords & Wizardy:

Star Trek of various flavors, plus some other goodies (never did play Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though!):

Not a lot of spine titles here, but that's because this shelf is mostly old stuff from the 1970's and 1980's. This is where you'll find Thieves World, Sword's Path Glory, Space Opera, and Haven, amongst others:

Chivalry and Sorcery (still one of my favorite games to read for inspiration), Dark Conspiracy, Shadowrun, etc.:

Hero System, White Wolf stuff:

Ah, Dangerous Journeys. One of my favorites.

And, lastly, this shelf is immediately to my right; my collection of books about games-- Gygax, Tony Bath, and Donald Featherstone, among others. Some of these might not be too familiar to you if you're not into miniatures (and even then; some of them are older than I am):

So there it is. Not sure what this says about where I get my inspiration, but there it is. Hope you enjoyed it!


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Darryl Hunt said...

Your shelves look a lot like mine, in style, condition, and content.

I have a lot of my stuff in boxes, maybe someday I'll dig them all out again and take a pic.

Timothy Brannan said...

Very awesome!

Anthony Simeone said...

Holy macaroons! Most impressive! Lots of dupes and triplicates, just in case, eh! And there's something awesome about wooden shelves that have bowed under the weight of many wonderful tomes!

Patrick Ciraco said...

Nice collection, something to be proud of. I noticed a few smaller booklets, would any of those be "Scrollworks" or "10' Pole" by Christian Walker. A number of years ago this gentalman from California I believe put out a series of small booklets with all kinds of neat and helpful gaming tidbits, reviews, etc...

Also, glad to see its a shared passion to collect more than one PHB ;)

Thank you for sharing.

Rod Thompson said...

Very nice, mine is much more modest. On the other hand, I've stopped collecting paper in favor of PDFs on the tablet.

grodog said...

Joe, what did you think of Pulsipher's game design book?


Phil Broeders said...

Wow. E-bay that lot and you could pay off your mortgage!

Tony said...

Did I accidentally kick off this meme on November 1 when I started my new blog: Cryptic Archivist?

Joseph, I see you have a few Donald Featherstone books that I've been looking for.

Mystic Scholar said...

Show off!


Dave Bone said...

Dude, is that a Renegade Legion: Legionnaire on your top shelf?


Joseph Bloch said...

@Tony; have you tried here: http://www.wargaming.co/purchaserules/homepage.htm

Cain said...