Monday, November 19, 2012

Adventures Dark and Deep Players Manual Kickstarter NOW LIVE!

It's here, it's finally here! The Kickstarter campaign to fund the Players Manual for my Adventures Dark and Deep™ game launched just a few minutes ago:

I'm asking for $6,500 to pay for a heap of artwork from a bunch of excellent fantasy artists and professional editing. This is the first of three books; after this will come the Game Masters Toolkit and then the Bestiary. The KS campaign ends on December 19, a mere 30 days from now. This book contains everything a player needs:

  • Complete information on the various character races
  • Complete information on the various character classes and sub-classes, including the bard, jester, mystic, savant, and mountebank
  • The complete combat system
  • Hundreds and hundreds of spells, including tons of new spells for both the new and old character classes
  • Sections on equipment, experience, hit points and healing, and lots more!

So go forth and spread the word far and wide, my friends. The question "what would AD&D have looked like if Gary Gygax had been allowed to keep developing it" is about to be answered!


Timothy Brannan said...

Very cool!

I'll have to reblog this.

Timothy Brannan said...

I am down for one hardcover copy! Looking forward to it.

Hamlet said...

Looking forward to it. My printed out copy of the playtest materials is starting to get a little tatty.

Moorhawk said...

Been looking forward to this since you first mentioned it many moons ago. This will replace the currently run rules in my campaign.