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Oerth Journal Index

The Oerth Journal is a fan publication, put out in pdf format on an irregular schedule (usually one or two issues a year). There's a lot of good stuff in there, dating back 15 years (!), and it's definitely worth looking into if you're a fan of Greyhawk as I am. I was looking for a particular article today, and as I found myself opening up file after file to look at the table of contents, it struck me that an index of all the issues would be a handy thing to have. An index appeared in issue 10, but naturally that only covered the first nine issues. The one below is complete (as far as I know), and as new issues come out I'll try to keep this page updated.

Issue 1 (1995)

What is the Oerth Journal? - Erik Mona
The History of Oerth (Oerik) - Lenard Lakofka, Steve Wilson, et al
The County of Sunndi - Samantha Quest
Radigast City - Blue Sponge

Issue 2 (1995)

Editor’s Note - Erik Mona
The Fountain of Pelor - Daniel Carter
The Lortmil Mountains - Sobhrach

Issue 3 (1996)

Editor’s Note - Erik Mona
Sorcerous Societies of the Flanaess - Gary Holian
Xan Yae and Zuoken: Bakluna's Perfect Duo - Erik Mona
The Crook of Rao - Eric L. Boyd
Oerth From the Ground Up - Roger E. Moore

Issue 4 (1996)

Editor’s Note - Erik Mona
Dyvers: City of Adventure Part 1: A Dyvers Prospectus - Samantha Quest
Measuring Up the Oerth - Gary Holian
Green Nightmare: The Amedio Jungle, Part I - Roger E. Moore

Issue 5 (1997)

Editor’s Note: From Talmud to Tomb of Horrors - Erik Mona
The Archbarony of Blackmoor - Frederick Weining
Copperhead - Eric L. Boyd
Dyvers, City Of Adventure, Part 2: The Longshoreman’s Union - Christopher Mills
Perrenland - Jim Lanter
Robilar Remembers: Erac’s Cousin - Robert J. Kuntz and Douglas J. Behringer

Issue 6 (1997)

Editor’s Note: The More Things Change - Erik Mona
Tavern Fare of the Flanaess - Rachel Lyndstrom
The Wyrm of Woe - Eric L. Boyd
Dyvers, City of Adventure, Part 3: The One-Eyed Mug - Rick LaRue
The Iquandex, v. 1.0 - Erik Mona
Robilar Remembers: Journey to the City of the Gods - Robert J. Kuntz

Issue 7 (1998)

Editor’s Note: A Time for Change E- rik Mona
Wee Jas: The Lady of Book and Bone - Nathan Irving
Ebonfrost - Eric L. Boyd
The House on Summoner Court - Roger E. Moore
Ahlissa: Land of Intrigue - Morgan Rodwell
Robilar Remembered: Lord Robilar and Company - Robert J. Kuntz and Douglas J. Behringer

Issue 8 (1998)

Editor’s Note: …The More They Stay the Same - Nathan Irving
Hochoch: Gateway to the Lost Land - Tom Harrison
The Phostwood - Morgan Rodwell
Verbobonc: The City - Jeff McKillop
The Dyverse Dragon - Eric L. Boyd
Wastri: The Hopping Prophet - Russell S. Timm

Issue 9 (1999)

Editor’s Note: Everything Old is New Again - Nathan Irving
Verbobonc: The Viscounty - Jeff McKillop
Incabulous: Lord of Evils - Russell S. Timm
A Slight Distraction - Morgan Rodwell
Hextor: The Herald of Hell - Jim Temple
Dyvers, City of Adventure, Part 4: Faiths of the Western Gate - Tom Harrison

Issue 10 (1999)

Editor’s Note - Nathan Irving
Hieronious: The Invincible One - Russell S. Timm
Dyvers, City of Adventure, Part 5: The Assassins’ Guilds - Philip Niewold
The City of Hardby - James A. S. Muldowney III, MD
Trithereon: The Summoner - Creighton Broadhurst
The Mines of Elsidell - Sean Williams
Return to Hommlet - Scott Knowles
The Fading Lands: The Maze of Skin & the Mines of Dumathoin - Jim Temple
Dyvers, City Of Adventure, Part 7: Faiths of the Western Gate - Tom Harrison
Leomund’s Life - Lenard Lakofka
Oerth Journal Index - James A. S. Muldowney III, MD

Issue 11 (2000)

Joramy: The Mistress of Heat - Paul M. Rokuskie
Iron Enchantments - Paul F. Schmidt
Repair to the Keep on the Borderlands - Russ Taylor
Crystal Skulls of Nerull - Kenneth Newquist
The Fading Lands: Lands of the Great Kingdom - Jim Temple
A History and Timeline of the Suloise - Lenard Lakofka
Ruins of the Mistmarsh - Sean Williams
Mastryne Castle - Dan Buterbaugh

Issue 12 (2001)

A Scribe’s Chronicle: Retracing a Beginning - Marc Tizoc González
Thus Spake Gary Gygax: Ye Secrets of Oerth Revealed - Paul J. Stormberg
Omnipotent Views - Richard Di Ioia
Wintershiven, a traveler’s memoir - Issak Haywood
Ye Auld Neblin: Or How to Say Hotfoot in Gnomish - Paul J Stormberg

Issue 13 (2001)

A Scribe’s Chronicle: Digital Palimpsest? - Marc Tizoc González
Olidammara: The Laughing Rogue - Russell S. Timm
Loneliness, the Draconic Perspective - Russell Bird
The City of Hendrenn Halgood, north-central Nyrond - Andy Seale
King Belvor’s Decision - Richard Di Ioia
Knights of Hextor - Richard Di Ioia
Ancient Artifacts of Evil - Russell Bird

Issue 14 (2002)

A Scribe’s Chronicle: As Celene Steadily Rises - Marc Tizoc González
Erelhei-Cinlu: The Drow “City of Pleasure” - Russell Bird
The Paganhammer - Issak Haywood
The Valorous League of Blindness - Issak Haywood
An Interview with Robert J. Kuntz - Allan T. Grohe, Jr.
Evil’s Changing Face in the Vesve Forest - Andrew Seale

Issue 15 (2004)

A Scribe’s Chronicle: Lichen on the Stone, Ivy Bursting Through - Marc Tizoc González
Norebo: The Daredevil - Paul M. Rokuskie
Legends and Folklore of the Vesve Forest - Andrew Seale
By Sword and Song: Notes on the Old Faith Bards of the Flanaess - Paul J. Stormberg

Issue 16 (2005)

Editor in Chief’s Thoughts - Andy Seale
Pelor, The Radiant Force - Paul M. Rokuskie
Ahlissa, A Greyhawk Gazetteer - Scott Casper
Knights of the Golden Dawn - Chris Anderson
Keoland: The Geopolitical History Of Keoland Part I: Petty States And Proto-Nations - Kirt Wackford
The Temple Of Elemental Evil, From The Rise Of Iuz To His Release - Scott Casper

Issue 17 (2005)

Editor’s Chronicle - Rick Miller
Cities of Aerdy – Kalstrand, City of Gold - Paul Looby
The Gray Orcs of Greyhawk - Everett Brunson and Tal Meta
The Shadow Tome - Rick Miller
The Hands of Aargrosh: Part 1 of “The Trail of Evil” - Stephen S. Greer
The Skulltwister - Rick Miller
Grey-comix: Vecna Begins! - Mike Bridges

Issue 18 (2006)

Editor’s Chronicle - Rick Miller
Zelradton – City Of Steel - Creighton Broadhurst
The Chronals - Victor Caminha
The Vale Of The Mage - Rick Miller
Seas Of Fallen Summer - Rick Miller
Grey-Comix: Dungeon Master’s Dilemma! - Mike Bridges

Issue 19 (2006)

Editor’s Chronicle - Rick Miller
Ull - Michael Bridges
Amid the Deepening Dark - Creighton Broadhurst
Hunt for the Cofre Del Mar: Part Two of “The Trail of Evil” - Stephen S. Greer
Grey-comix: Pantheon of the Stick #1 - Mike Bridges

Issue 20 (2006)

The Wizard’s Chronicle - Rick Miller
Red Dragon of the Rift - Casey Brown
Arcanology of Magical Nodes and Structures in the Flanaess - Rick Miller
The Early History of the Velverdyva & the Origin of Cuthbert - Sam Weiss
The Grinning Blue Devil - Stephen S. Greer
Grey-Comix: These Questions Three - Mike Bridges

Issue 21 (2007)

The Wizard’s Chronicle - Rick Miller
On Oerth and Ice - Creighton Broadhurst
Trennenport - Sampo Haarlaa and Nick Silverstone
Gajtak, Ilkhan of the Chakyik Horde - Michael A. Johnson
Kayen Telva - Michael A. Johnson
The Colorless Spire of Frozen Shadows - Rick Miller
Grey-comix: Five Shall Be One! - Mike Bridges

Issue 22 (2007)

The Duchy of Almor - Brandon Gillespie and John Jenks
Divisions of the West - Ed Healy
Saboteurs of Gigantic Dimensions - Michael A. Johnson
The Divine Slaadi - Sam Weiss
Origins of the Twin Cataclysms - Rick Miller and Denis Tetreault
Fell Denizens of the Dreadwood - Adam Daigle
Constellations of Greyhawk - Andy Miller
Za’Aith Ruaala: The Olven Kingdom of Asternyx - Sam Weiss
Until the Starbreak - Rick Miller
Grey-Comix: The Hungering - Mike Bridges

Issue 23 (2008)

Rumors about the Maure Lands - Robert J. Kuntz
Seltaren - Rick Miller
Mystic Catalogue of the Company of Seven - Rick Miller
The Seer of Urnst - Mike Bridges and Rick Miller
The Gleaners - Adam Daigle
Maure Castle: Warlock’s Walk - Robert J. Kuntz (3.5e Conversion by Rick Miller and Stuart Parr)
Grey-Comix: Kerzit the Cartoon Peril - Mike Bridges

Issue 24 (2008)

A Compilation of the Draconic Realms of the Flanaess, Volume 1 - Gary Van Binsbergen
Za’Aith Sha: The Olvenkingdom of Helios - Sam Weiss
Guiliana Mortidus The Night Dame, Hidden Hierarch of the Horned Society - Creighton Broadhurst
Horrors of Hepmonaland - C. Wesley Clough
The Sundered Spark - Trevor Watson

Issue 25 (2009)

Chronicle of the Mad Archmage - Rick Miller
Marchland of Medegia - Creighton Broadhurst and Paul Looby
Mordenkainen - Rick Miller
The Seekers of the Arcane - Gary Holian and Rick Miller
Side Trek Locations in the Yatils - Rick Miller (original version by Gary Gygax)
Tuerny the Merciless - Rick Miller and Mike Bridges
Deities of Lo Nakar - Ainatet - Nathan Irving (conversions by Rick Miller)


Grendelwulf said...

Ah, you beat me to it! :)

This is actually a planned part of my Gygax Legendarium, Appendix P (Periodicals). I have compiled indexes for Dragon, Dungeon, Footprints, Oerth Journal, & Polyhedron. I have to get a Living Greyhawk index together yet.

Of course, at the rate I am posting, my Oerth Journal index isn't scheduled to post until mid-November.

Great work!


Joseph said...

Well, as I say, this was borne of necessity on my part. So I figured (a I am wont to do) why not share?

Although unless I'm mistaken, isn't there already a LG index somewhere out there?

Riley said...

If I wasn't such an honest player, I'd read through the index to get a clue about what Greyhawk could hold in store for us. I guess I'll be good.

silentsilverhawk said...

This index is a superb tool, thank you!

It also makes it easier to browse for things that might be good reads without absorbing too much that could be a spoiler.

Joseph said...

Hey, if you guys think knowing the circumference of Oerth will help you out in the campaign, more power to you!

silentsilverhawk said...

It'll help when I try something maniacally silly like determining the trajectory of a circumference-spanning super-super-super-long shot.

Or maybe it'll just be a good read.

grodog said...

There is a Living Greyhawk Journal index on Canonfire! @ It's linked from the main CF! left-nav under Features, which is also where the old (and out of date) OJ index is located. I liked the CF! index because it had an .html index page for each issue, but they seem to be missing....