Saturday, August 26, 2017

Wizards of the Coast Survey

Hey all! Thought I'd boost the signal on the survey that Wizards of the Coast is running. In and amongst several other things, they ask about which settings folks would like to see 5E material for.

I thought that the readers of the Greyhawk Grognard blog might have an opinion on that. Ahem.

You can find the survey here:


Chris C. said...

One vote for Greyhawk duly added!

Mike Bridges said...

I took the survey. Can't wait to see the results. Can't wait to see what they do with the results. Usually optimistic. Skeptical this time.

Lance Hawvermale said...

I voted for Greyhawk, but . . . I'm not sure I want them to meddle with that setting. Did I do the wrong thing?

Joseph Bloch said...

I felt the same way about 4E, Lance, but my POV is that if they do start doing stuff in Greyhawk, the odds are vastly increased that they will open up the setting on DMs Guild, allowing fans to publish.

And I have plans for that eventuality, as you probably know.

MP said...

Considering WOTC's track record, I wouldn't read this as,
"Which setting should we support?"

but rather,
"Which setting's distinctive elements should we clumsily shoehorn into Forgotten Realms?"