Monday, July 6, 2015

New arrival: 2WW by One Small Step

One Small Step games, publishers of the redone Ares magazine (that comes with a game in every issue) just came out with "a small foot-print, moderate complexity game of the entire Second World War in Europe" called 2WW. The back of the box says solitaire suitability was high and the complexity is low/medium, so I took a gamble. It arrived today and looks terrific:

Sort of like Third Reich but playable in an evening (or, you know, playable at all). It's only got a single half-sized counter sheet, and the rules are only 14 pages. I'll try to give it a test spin in the next week or two and report back, but it looks pretty nifty straight out of the box.


Chris C. said...

Looks very promising -- I'm eager to hear how it plays.

Angantyr said...

How does it compare with Metagamings (later Avalon Hill's) "Hitler's War"?