Tuesday, November 18, 2014

No capes

"No capes!"
Over at The Hollywood Reporter, talking about the Universal plan to turn their classic monster properties into action-adventure films (presumably because that worked so well with Van Helsing), Universal chairman Edna Mode Donna Langley is quoted as saying "We don't have any capes" (in their catalog of films).



umbrielx said...

You'd think, between the relentless "mining" of old properties by the media companies (rather than, God forbid, developing something original), and the fact that Victorian era stuff currently seems fairly "hot", that someone would be shopping around a remake of London After Midnight by now.

Mark Craddock said...

This post made me sad for all the great people who could work on these properties, but won't because it doesn't involve "capes." Why, oh why is hollywood filled with idiots? Wealthy, ridiculous idiots?