Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lords of Light - The Thundarr the Barbarian Story

Check out this amazing short documentary on one of the great formative cartoons of my childhood.

h/t to +Noah Stevens


Mystic Scholar said...

Thanks for sharing that, Joe.

To be honest, I never heard of Thundarr until I became active in the blogsphere.

I was with the 82nd Ariborne when Thundarr came out and never heard any of my friends speak about it, though we did play D&D.

So I cannot say that Thundarr had any influence on my or my gaming. Still, that "short" was very informative.

Thanks again.

Joseph Bloch said...

It really is a nifty show, and you can get the whole thing on DVD for under $30 on Amazon.

Tim Snider said...

And if you want to game in the world of Thundarr, you can download my free Mutant Future supplement:

Mystic Scholar said...

Thanks for the link, Tim. I'll look into that.

carmachu said...

I LOVED that show! I use to watch that show every Saturday morning.

Gort's Friend said...

I can remember this as being a show I was a bit too old to be watching, but still watched, because we'd gotten into Gamma World a couple of years before this. I think the unique bit is a bit overplayed here, it was definitely a surprise for a cartoon, but not a surprise for a gamer or scifi reader. I wish they'd gone into their inspirations a bit more.