Monday, October 28, 2013

Myth and Magic Sighting!

Right here on my kitchen counter, as a matter of fact:

I didn't go in for the Game Master Kickstarter, but it does seem as if Tom is getting his act together and getting packages in the mail. Anyone else get one yet?

Myth & Magic is based on 2nd edition, "revised and updated." I haven't had a chance to pour through the books in any detail yet, but they are beautiful.


Hamlet said...

No sign yet. I've about given up hope.

Mystic Scholar said...

As a life long fan of 2E, I'm looking forward to your "Review" of this material.

Anthony Simeone said...

Is that a Larry Elmore illo on the cover of the Player's Journal?

Joseph Bloch said...

I don't think so. But it is a Clyde Caldwell illo on the Player's Guide, iirc.

Chris said...

Mine should have gone out at the same time as yours Joseph but I've still got nothin' (and I'm in the NYC area, so it's not like I'm out in the middle of nowhere).
My fingers are crossed that he didn't just mail a handful of packages as a delaying tactic. And yes, his shenanigans to date have me THAT leery of him.

Adam Dravian said...

Just jumping in here to clarify that the cover art for the Player's Guide was done by Jessica Safron, my girlfriend:

It's good to hear that the Myth & Magic books have finally started to get shipped.