Monday, August 5, 2013

Vikings Season Two Preview

Here's a teaser for Vikings season two on History Channel starting next year (caution: looks like spoilers):


Welleran said...

I like the show, but their shieldwall makes no sense. Why raise overhead protection if the enemy has no missile weapons except maybe axes and spears (i.e. no indirect fire). Also, when you form the wall, what sense does it make to order a pell mell charge against an enemy also charging, since that simply breaks up your shield wall and leaves a big scrum?

As a friend of mine said, this is from the Braveheart school of medieval infantry tactics.

Red_Cardinal said...


(a) it looks dramatic and exciting; and

(b) the production team aren't particularly interested in presenting a combat situation that realistically represents Viking combat?

That's tv for you...

JB said...

Come on...that's just quality television!
: )

mikemonaco said...

Aw man, Floki gets it?

As history, the show is great for TV/movies, terrible by any other standard. I watch it as a viking-style action/drama show, and by that standard it's not bad.

Welleran said...

@Mike - Oh, I love the show, too! I just like to bash The history Channel for a lack of, well, history.

My guess is Floki survives and becomes even weirder; he's just too disturbing to ditch. Matter o' fact, there's acleric of chaos on my current game that popped up thanks to some serious randomness on a wandering monster roll -- can you guess who I immediately decided to base him on?