Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wizards won't have a booth at GenCon

According to this article over at io9.com, "Wizards will not have a presence on the Gen Con exhibit floor" (the exhibitor's map at the GenCon site confirms this).

Wow. Nothing. I realize they're trying to lay low in order to build excitement for D&D Next, you'd think they'd have something there to, I dunno, hump M:tG or something. This is the 20th anniversary of Magic: The Gathering, for crying out loud. You'd think they'd want to make a splash with that other than just tournaments.

They will be running events, and are an official sponsor of the convention, but no booth.


Also, please don't forget the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary Kickstarter going on right now! 900 monsters, suitable for most OSR-type games, all under one cover. Can you help get us to having an illustration for each and every one?


Timothy Brannan said...

Ok no booth is odd, but they pretty much have the entire 2nd floor of the convention center. So that is at least something.

mortellan said...

There was one year White Wolf had nothing to sell so they ran a bar on the exhibit floor.

The Badger King said...

WOTC will still have Modern Masters and M2014 for Magic to flog... they must have something else up their sleeves.