Sunday, April 14, 2013

Players Manual Hard Copies Now Available!

I'm pleased to report that the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Players Manual is now available for sale in both hard cover and soft cover versions through the BRW Games online store.

The soft cover costs $19.95 and the hard cover costs $29.95. Each comes with a complimentary pdf version.

If you purchased a pdf copy of the book before now, in a day or two you'll be receiving a special offer via email that will allow you to purchase either book for $9.95 off the cover price, so you're not penalized for buying the pdf early.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter for the book, and everyone can also look forward to the Game Masters Toolkit, which should be available in the May-June time frame.



Akiyama said...

Great news!

I was curious as to how much shipping to the UK would be for a hardback. They must "print on demand" in the UK for UK customers, because it is apparently $5.25 (£3.40) for second class postage via the Royal Mail.

Tim Shorts said...

Looking forward to getting these Joseph.

Eldrad Wolfsbane said...

I really hope to see this as a hardcover in my hands, all three books. I saw the initial play test document and suggested AD&D to my people but my group only wanted to play 4th or PFRPG. It looks like this may bring back a new burst of energy in the OSR. This is an incredible project!

faoladh said...

My hardcover showed up on Saturday, and I am very pleased with the physical quality. It's not perfect (it uses, as usual for a POD product, glued rather than stitched signatures, for example), but it is at least as good as most products. The ink is clear and doesn't smear, the paper is smooth and has a good feel, and so on.

The text, as well, is high-quality (even if it does retain some things from UA that I would have liked to see developed further - notably, the Chromatic Orb spell, which has always just been removed from my games), and I am very, very pleased with the work that you've done on this, Joe. I am considering using this ruleset in place of 1E in the future. I am especially happy that you chose to include the weapon vs. armor type table, even if you did relegate it to an appendix as an optional rule.

For those considering it, if the idea strikes you as a good one, then the product is well worth the $30 price tag for the hardcover.

faoladh said...

I expanded on that comment in a review of this book on my blog. You can read it here.

Kirk Katzburg said...

Kickstarter backer here .... Got my book last week and have really enjoyed reading it. Great work and kudos for bucking the Kickstarter trend of everything being waaayyyy late.

Glad to know there is one person out there who takes getting a quality product to people in a timely fashion seriously.

Timothy Brannan said...

Got mine today! Looks fantastic.