Monday, December 24, 2012

RIP Jack Klugman

I knew him best growing up from The Odd Couple, but I personally think his greatest performance wasn't a comedy, but in The Twilight Zone episode, "A Game of Pool." Also, IMHO, the best performance by the legendary Jonathan Winters. Deadpan drama.

Here is the entire episode, in three parts. RIP, Mr. Klugman.


Atom Kid said...

That's too bad. I remember him mostly from watching Quincy as a kid.

dragolite said...

I will remember him from "A Game of Pool" and more for "A Passage for Trumpet."

Mystic Scholar said...

A double whammy, first Jack and now Charles Durning. Both of them great. Often times it's the "character actor" that makes the movie "work."

They'll both be missed.

My condolences to their families at what is supposed to be a joyous time of year.


Joseph Bloch said...

Yeah, MS, I heard about Charles Durning as well. A double whammy indeed; they'll both be sorely missed.

Old Guy said...

Thanks for posting the episode. I hadn't seen that in years. He will indeed be missed.