Monday, May 7, 2012

More Greyhawk Heraldry

I thought I'd knock out some of the easier ones this time. As before, these were done using the wonderful Coat of Arms Visual Designer by Inkwell Ideas. The images are all in .png format, so they should scale pretty well.

Ice Barbarians:
Frost Barbarians:
Grand Duchy of Geoff:
Great Kingdom of Aerdy:
The Theocracy of the Pale:
Snow Barbarians:
County of Ulek:


mortellan said...

Wonderful looking shields there Joe. The Snow Barbarians always struck me as "off". Red and Yellow? I guess they can't all be white and blue though.

Zeke said...

Love that site and utility! (I run King Arthur Pendragon games and a good coat-of-arms designer is invaluable for that.)

Great designs for the various groups too. Readily identifiable and distinctive.

Cebrion said...

Very nice stuff! Keep'em coming! :D