Friday, April 6, 2012

11 Years Later, and We're Still Nowhere Close

On this day in 1968, one of, if not the greatest science fiction film of all time debuted. I was but a wee lad of 2, but seeing this movie in the theater is one of my earliest memories.


Rob Conley said...

While with the shutdown of the Space Shuttle it doesn't seem like it, but we are moving closer thanks to SpaceX, X-Cor, Armadillo, Bigelow, etc. With Armadillo work we may even have rockets that are tail sitter landers

Joseph Bloch said...

Slowly but surely that's happening, Rob, but damnit I mourn for our L-5 colony, our moonbases with radio antennae on the far side of the moon, and our spaceplanes with capacity for several hundred passengers in a shirtsleeve environment.

Thank you, Mr. Nixon.