Tuesday, March 20, 2012

John Carter Visits Pluto Nash on Cuthroat Island

Bad news for those who were hoping for a sequel to John Carter. Looks like Disney is going to take a $200 million bath on the film. Ouch.


Chris Hogan said...

Paywall? *bleuch*

Same news via the BBC:


Chaos Clockwork said...

Wait...that doesn't make any sense.

Yes, the box office take in the States is only about 50 million.

But internationally, it's nearly 180 million.

After only two weeks.

So, 200 budget, plus 100 marketing, is 300. Minus 180, leaves 120, which is 80 short of the numbers their giving.


What universe do they get these numbers from?

Yggs said...

Sadder is the possibility of Disney already planning a sequel to the as-yet-unreleased Dark Shadows fiasco because its starring Johnny Derp.

Yggs said...

...or is this cry of "loss" to somehow differ paying royalties to the Burroughs estate?

Drance said...

Yeah, this movie has only been out a short time, how can they be crying doom already? Sheesh, what a negative business.

Joseph Bloch said...

Are you saying you expect a sudden surge in interest three or four weeks after its release that's going to pull in another couple hundred million in ticket sales?

The sales trajectory does not favor such an expectation. I think they're making these predictions because of the fact that such dismal ticket sales are going to mean the movie leaves theaters pretty quickly.

Woo Flaxman said...

Dunno where that $100 million marketing was because I haven't seen any promotion of it at all. I just happened to have a free evening so went to the cinema and I'm really glad I has a chance to see it on the big screen. All this stuff in the media fells pretty familiar though. Anyone mention "Dune"?

Phil Broeders said...

I think they judge it by viewing numbers in the first 2 weeks. These guys know their stats and based previous film performances have a pretty good idea how it will end up.

i.e. Disney take a bath.

Northy said...

I swear, it's like people don't read the articles given sometimes.

$180 million, halved (to take into account distributor's cut) leaves $90. The gulf between $90 and $250-$300 is, frankly, shocking. Especially considering reviews and the world of mouth around here for the film has ranged from "meh" to "deadly dull".

For it to have a long income tail, it needs repeatable viewings, it needs word of mouth, it needs a fanbase. John Whatever has none of these, as it has been ultimately regarded as a fairly flashy but forgettable film. It's very unrealistic to expect any sort of pickup in ticket sales from a failed first two weeks.

mortellan said...

Poor poor Disney. Movie theaters are ones really getting shafted. From my short theater experience, I heard that the reason everyone makes a big deal about the first week or two of a movie box office is because the studios get 80-90% of the revenue(hence why movie concession is so ridiculously expensive); the longer a movie stays the more the percentage drops in the theater's favor.
On a side note, as others mentioned, it seems kind of short sighted and arrogant to assume a movie will make its entire budget back in U.S. alone. Is that the studio crying or the media slapping a flop label on it? There will always be DVD sales.
At any rate, Disney has more money than a small country, this isn't their first bomb, they know what they're doing.