Thursday, November 17, 2011

BRW Games: Now With Clever T-Shirt Goodness!

I am pleased to announce that BRW Games now has a storefront on (not to be confused with the game product store over at where you can get t-shirts and various other articles of clothing. The initial offering is small, but if there's some good response, I'll be sure to add to the selection. Here's the first batch, all available in black on white or white on black.

Show your support for the game, and spread the Good Word when people ask you what it is.

Really rollin' old school. Has the Adventures Dark and Deep URL on the back.

For those who think that magic and psionics shouldn't mix. Also has the URL on the back.

Remember that anything made on this (or any other venture I advertise here, for that matter) gets put into the kitty and goes towards the games. Artwork, editing, layout, convention appearances; none of it comes cheap, and your support is very much appreciated!

Special Bonus! The first person I see wearing an Adventures Dark and Deep t-shirt will get a special secret prize. Stalk me at conventions! (Sorry, members of my regular gaming group are not eligible!)


Northy said...

And mugs, for those cultured folk who enjoy the epicurean delights of a good cup of tea!

Hamlet said...

And hats.

And, better yet, a nice messenger bag or something like to carry all those lovely eventual hard cover copies of ADD books that you will be signing!

Rob of the North said...

Ok, I couldn't resist leaving a comment...

I don't know if I'd feel comfortable walking around wearing a t-shirt that says "Adventures Dark and Deep".

Is it just me?

Joseph said...

I think it might be, Rob. I don't see the problem.

Louis Clark said...

That's, Awesome Joseph, I hope to buy one soon.