Friday, September 16, 2011

Arneson Memorial Game Day 2011

Tavis over at The Mule Abides has posted a listing of the folks who will be game mastering at this year's Arneson Memorial Game Day on Saturday October 1 in Brooklyn, NY. This year, your humble scribe will be running some pick-up games of Castle of the Mad Archmage using the Adventures Dark and Deep rules*. Plus there promises to be a bunch of other neat-o torpedo games happening, and then a panel discussion to round out the day.

If your in or around NYC and have a hankering to play some old-school (and a few not-so-old-school) games, it promises to be a blast.

* 9 AM on a Saturday? What was I thinking when I agreed to this madness?

1 comment:

Mystic Scholar said...

How I wish I could attend, but it's not possible this year.

I hope you guys have a really great time. Sounds like you're set to do so.