Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adventures Dark and Deep Review

Chris over at Classic RPG Realms has done me the kindness of writing up a review of the current state of Adventures Dark and Deep, currently in open playtest and going through an ongoing process of iterative corrections, expansions, and clarifications. Modesty almost prevents me from mentioning it, as his is a very positive review, but that word "almost" covers a lot of ground. ;-)

The check's in the mail, Chris.

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Chris said...

Hey, no problem Joe. You've done a great job. It deserves the credit it's due. Admittedly I am an avid AD&D 1e fan. So most games get measured by that yardstick in my mind. And honestly, most come up short for me in one regard or another. But I rank your work up there with the original and it's first ever clone HM 4e. It's in my top three. OSRIC is good of course; but doesn't quite capture the feel of AD&D just the rules.

And I didn't know I get kick backs! Sweet!