Saturday, July 9, 2011

Convention Swag

Just a quick check-in from DexCon before I crash. Thusfar (and I don't expect it to get any bigger) the haul is...
  • 1 copy of Lord Flataroy's Guide to Fortifications (HackMaster) - half price
  • 1 copy of Diaspora and a set of FUDGE dice (bust-out retail, alas)
  • A bunch of Ogre miniatures: 27 infantry and a dozen infantry bases, 5 Combine heavy tanks, 5 Combine missile tanks, 1 Combine howitzer, 6 Combine GEVs - $17 (and a friend got a MK III and a command post for the same price, and will get any extra heavy tanks after I bring all my units up to full strength in squadrons of 3)
  • The Judge's Guild module "Under the Storm Giant's Castle" - $1 (kind of beat up, but a walk down memory lane for me)
  • BattleSystem rulebook - $1
Not a bad haul for around $60 total, and cheap as convention-buying binges go!

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