Sunday, May 22, 2011

ebay been very very good to me...

Woot! I just scored two of the old Ral Partha Ogre figures on ebay; a MK III and a MK V, for about what they would have cost new from Warehouse 23, if they were still available. The mighty armies of the North American Combine just keep getting mightier!


Desert Scribe said...

Congratulations; that's a pretty nice score. I'm surprised you got them so relatively cheap; most of the time collectors like minis new in their blister packs, so the prices are accordingly higher.

I use minis to game with, so collectability isn't a selling point for me.

Northy said...

Ohhh, official jealousness! Congratulations on the fabulous find.

Quickly, find me a Doppelsoldner! :D

Joseph said...

Desert Scribe: I feel exactly the same way. The collectability of the figures is an annoyance when I'm trying to buy them to actually PLAY the game.

Northy: The first Dopplesoldner I find is staying safely in my collection, thank you very much. But something might be arranged for seconds.

Northy said...

@Joseph - You just don't want it painting pink. ;)

Joseph said...

I've been giving some serious thought to paint schemes. Right now I've got:

MK III - red & white ("Richtoffen")
MK III - blue
MK IIIB - unpainted
MK V - unpainted
Fencer - tan
Fencer B - unpainted

And of course now a MK III and a MK V on the way. I like the idea of garish paint schemes for the Ogres, to contrast with the semi-realistic paint I have on the other units.

I suppose I could just go through the primary and secondary colors (with appropriate "opposite" accenting). But I'd like something a little more coherent. Maybe an Ogre for each unit color (gray, tan, green, brown)?

Northy said...

If it were me, I'd go with bold, primary colour schemes for the Ogres, but rather than looking at colour wheels and picking appropriately for details I'd throw on one or two patches of the appropriate gray/tan/green/brown on each particular Ogre. Sure, try to align the primary with the most appropriate 'camo' colour. Think of it as something akin to a regiment patch.

You'd get your yellow, red, blue, green, purple, etc., but you would also tie in the Ogres with the conventional units through those carefully placed details.

Misternizz said...

Outstanding find, I AM jealous.