Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loot Pays Off on the First Day

So yesterday I mentioned a new website called Loot, which gives discounts on gaming materials. Well, what should I see in the ol' blogroll this morning, but "The Dying Earth RPG Super Bundle".

Sure enough, when I clicked on the link, I saw this:
  • The Dying Earth RPG
  • The Kaiin Players Guide
  • The Scaum Valley Gazetteer

And the price? $15 for the bundle (hard copies all).

It comes to $27 with shipping; I know from personal experience. Pretty good deal, I'd say! Keep this up, Loot, and you're going to have a pretty good future.


Risus Monkey said...

Wooom tempting! Thanks for the link.

John Harper Brinegar said...

Just bought this, and am extremely pleased; I've wanted the Dying Earth RPG, but money is tight. Thanks for the link!

ghostofmarx said...

I order these as well thanks for the catch. Any idea how long it will take to get them shipped?