Thursday, November 11, 2010

RIP Dino De Laurentiis

Dino De Laurentiis, producer of some of the best-known films in history, died today at age 91. You might know him as the producer or executive producer of films such as Battle of the Bulge (1965), Barbarella (1968), Serpico (1973), Flash Gordon (1980), Conan the Barbarian (1982), Conan the Destroyer (1984), Dune (1984), The Bounty (1984), Hannibal (2001), and literally hundreds of others.


Jack Badelaire said...

Well shit, that's depressing. Gonna raise a glass to you tonight, Dino - you produced some of my favorite films.

Grendelwulf said...

You can also indirectly credit Dino de Laurentiis for the movie Alien. Dan O'Bannon, who headed the special effects department.
entered a psychiatric hospital after an early attempt of Dune's production failed. O'Bannon then worked on 13 scripts; his 13th became Alien!

I think it's a Dune night tonight. . .