Friday, November 5, 2010

Jim Ward Needs Our Help

Apparently Jim Ward, one of the early luminaries of role-playing, is very sick and is currently in the Mayo Clinic. The medical bills are, quite understandably, piling up at a ruinous rate.

There are several avenues being pursued to help out (including putting together a fan-compiled book of Metamorphosis: Alpha material as a fundraiser), but something that we can all do right now is to pick up some M:A stuff at Jim's store. If you're a fan of the original M:A or Gamma World games, do yourself (and Jim) a favor and pick up some pdf's there to round out your collection. I've personally been holding off getting 4th edition, but I need no more prompting than this news.

And for all you fans of 0E D&D, you should pick up the 1st edition M:A rules. You'll find a lot of stuff in their that is not only familiar, but might find its way into your game.

And lastly, here's a cute little animation someone put together. Laser eyes and rotating knives FTW!

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jaerdaph said...

Good thoughts, prayers, healing vibes and wishes going out to Drawmij for a speedy recovery!