Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giant (Sumatran?) Rats Invade England

And The Sun is there:

Horrified neighbours told yesterday how their homes are being invaded by giant rats - including a 30-INCH LONG monster that was shot dead.

The rodents, twice the size of common types, are plaguing an estate in Bradford, West Yorks, often appearing in kitchens and lounges.

It is feared some could be "super rats" from South America.

Pictured above is a monster 2½ ft rat killed on the estate.

But the shaken man who shot it in the head - 31-year-old Brandon Goddard - yesterday revealed FOUR others of the same size scuttled away to safety.

And he said: "They were more like Ratzillas than rats.

"I got out of there as fast as I could. Who knows how many there will be if they've been breeding?"

The shot rat, feared to be from a species native to South America, is TWICE as big as common British types and the largest seen here.

Read the whole story here. Crikey!


rainswept said...
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Tenkar said...

That's 1-4 hps i think ;)

Sean said...

'Rats on the Ravenscliffe' was one of the local headlines - damn good module title.

Air rifles and basebat bats - yes we are gearing up for the Post-Apoc in the North.

New Fish In An Old School said...

They should be careful, there are likely wererats nearby!

ancientvaults said...

I used to live in Sumatra as an English teacher years ago. Those rats are real! The cats were afraid of them. At night you could see them slinking around, almost seeming to plot and conspire.

Gratuitous Saxon Violence said...

Rats of unusual size.

Where is the Dread Pirate Roberts when you need him?

kelvingreen said...

Pah, that's typical Northern complaining about nothing. Yu should see the size of the seagulls we have down here!


Northy said...

Why else d'you think I left home?

Icarus said...

Dear God! Sanity check!

Rob L said...

If rats were the size of small school children, they could wipe us out in a week!

Scott said...

My first thought was "can they be domesticated?" :|

Joseph said...

Hey, that's what 1d4 hit points looks like in real life, my friends!

Joseph said...

Northy: I figured it was the food.

Angantyr said...

OK, Giant (Sumatran) rats, check!
Giant lizards (Komodo), check!
Giant snakes (Anacondas), check!

It's a start on a "1st level" dungeon - now all we need is a locale... the catacombs in Paris, perhaps?

And if we do a bit of genetic engineering mixed with Jurassic Park, maybe we can even have dragons!