Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adventures in Oz

I'm not sure that it's anything close to an OSR game in terms of mechanics, but for some reason F. Douglas Wall's new Adventures in Oz RPG just caught my imagination. Perhaps it's because I'm developing quite a collection of kids-oriented RPGs (this one is said to be suitable for gamers of all ages), but I'm very much looking forward to reading this new release. I've read through his blog posts on the design process and it seems like he's combined a lot of thoughtful design with an obvious love (perhaps "obsession" is the correct word) with the original source material.

His blog is now linked over to the left, and there's a lot of neat stuff in there, not just RPG, but related to the original Oz books (which, a quick flip of the DMG reveals, were not in Appendix N as I had originally thought) and a lot of other related topics. I think it's worth a look.


Grendelwulf said...

WOW! And Wow!

I am so using this for the Castle of the Mad Archmage's link to the Land of Oz!

With all of the other alternate realms therein, I really hadn't thought of using Oz. But, seeing F. Douglas Wall's research and devotion to the subject matter, how can one not use it?

I'll be getting his book, which, even if I don't convert characters to it, will still make a great sourcebook.


grodog said...

Thanks for the plug, Joe: like GW, I'll happily mine this for Ozzish alternate prime planar materials :D


Doug Wall said...

Thanks much for the mention.

While AiO may be all shiny and new, I do not forget the roots of gaming and I make a special post for the anniversary of Gary Gygax's death. This year, in keeping with my posting of character stats on a monthly basis, posted stats for the hero of Gygax's Gord the Rogue novels: Gord himself.


And you can call me Doug. All my friends do.