Friday, January 8, 2010

Best of the Blog

Several people have asked if I had a better-formatted version of some of the more practical articles over the last year or two, and I thought it might be a good idea to collect them, and perhaps a couple other of what I think are the best of the blog, into a nicely formatted, easy-to-print pdf. So voila! I give you the Best of the Greyhawk Grognard Blog 2008-2009.

It's got stuff like my series on DMing the D1-D3 series, the Fortean Flanaess, my City of Greyhawk maps, and of course eXPloring the Flanaess.

If folks find it a useful aid (not to mention a stroll down memory lane), I'll keep up the tradition for 2010 and beyond.

Download it for free (of course) in the Free Downloads section over to the right, or just click ---> HERE <---


The Badger King said...

SIgh... and this after I went through your entry blog, looting tthe good articles for my own file last week. 8)

The Badger King said...

That should read "entire", not entry. 8)

James said...

Sweet! This is timely. The past few days, I've been working on collecting and printing out some of the Greyhawk Lore, found on the net. I'm making a companion notebook for my WOG Boxed Set. Thanks a bunch!

nextautumn said...

Thanks a million! Some great stuff in there. YOU DA MAN.

grodog said...

Great work, thanks Joe!


Rich said...

This is great! So many playable ideas! As a DM currently running a greyhawk campaign - I salute you sir!