Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dexcon in Morristown, NJ

Sorry for the short notice, but I realized I should tell folks that I will be at Dexcon 12 in Morristown, NJ starting tonight and going through Sunday. I'll be running three games; Dune on Friday night, a session of 1E AD&D "Castle of the Mad Archmage" also Friday night, and Diplomacy starting Saturday morning.

If you're planning on attending, look for the guy wearing the "SPI Died for your sins" button. :-)

Bonus points if you even know what that means.

EDIT: To the left is a poster I quickly Photoshopped to advertise the game, which I'll be posting at strategic points in the con hotel. "Come and Party like it's 1979".


Chgowiz said...

I looked at the shelves of Games Plus yesterday and sighed - all sorts of games but nothing like I remember - WW2 combat has moved to the collectible miniatures it seems. The only bright spot was a reissue(?) of Panzerblitz. I was highly tempted, as I have a soft spot and nostalgic love of the hex wargame.

Amityville Mike said...

I won't be attending but many of my old game books will be. I just traded in a crapload of games I no longer (or never did) play at my FLGS. The owner is headed to Jersey for the con and my former books are destined for the vendors' floor.

Maybe my old copy of Marvel Superheroes can sit in on the Castle of the Mad Archmage game?

Joseph said...

MSH... man that brings back memories. I might just end up buying your old copy!

Grendelwulf said...

SPI...alas, how the mighty had fallen.
Ozymandias, at least, could take pride in his works during his own lifetime. The heyday of wargaming has fallen away, fallen into dust, and before our very eyes. there was a great game!
So easily adaptable between D&D and Star Trek RPG (the Original classic one!)


Joseph said...

Original Star Trek RPG? You mean this one?

I still have that little gem in the garage...

Tyler said...

That's always a great con. Have fun!

And to Amityville Mike, the vendors area at the con is always FANTASTIC! Your books will be in great company.

I used to run Living Greyhawk games there for a few years. Fun crowd. The ConnCon crowd who go to Dexcon are good peoples, too.

grodog said...

*sigh* I wish I was there: I miss the good old days of many NJ RPG cons!


Joseph said...

Convention update!

I came in second place out of eight in Red Dragon Inn (a terrific game I reviewed a few months ago here), and have made it to the finals of the North American Nuclear War championship. Plus some erstwhile reader of this blog actually saw my "SPI Died For Your Sins" button and asked if I was the Greyhawk Grognard. Woot!

Oh, and Mike, I saw the MSH stuff you sold off. It was a bit well-loved for my taste. (I tend to like games with a box.) But someone next to me at the table was coveting it, so I'm sure it'll have a good home. :-)

Joseph said...

Convention update #2!

I had my head handed to me in a game of "Age of Gods", coming in fourth out of four. Ouch!

The session of "Castle of the Mad Archmage", on the other hand, was a rousing success. We actually had more players show up than I had prepared pre-gen character sheets for (I had blanketed the con with posters advertising the game, and it seems to have worked!). I'll give a full account later on, but man it was a blast to run, and everybody seems to have had as much fun playing it as I had running it.

Tomorrow: Diplomacy!

grodog said...

Sounds like a great show, Joe: tell us more about DexCon, since it wasn't around when I last attended a con in NJ :D


Amityville Mike said...

Oh, and Mike, I saw the MSH stuff you sold off. It was a bit well-loved for my taste. (I tend to like games with a box.) But someone next to me at the table was coveting it, so I'm sure it'll have a good home.

I got the word today you came by the Brothers Grimm table looking for it. Yeah, they're pretty beaten-up books and I was surprised that the guys took them (along with everything else I had) off my hands. In light of how much use those books once got, I'm surprised they held together as well as they did!