Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Players Wanted

After having been on hiatus for a few months due to some out-of-game circumstances beyond my control, I will be restarting my game in a couple of weeks and hereby put out the call for players interested in participating.

The game will meet every other week, roughly, at my home in northwest New Jersey (Sussex/Morris counties). We met on Friday evenings last time, and that seemed to work out well for everyone, but we might change based on players' schedules. We usually do pizza.

The game is AD&D 1E, with minimal house-rules (I do initiative a little differently than the books, and do away with the "roll to see what spells you can ever learn" rules). I've got spare PH's aplenty for those who don't have theirs any more. Needless to say, the campaign setting is the World of Greyhawk, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if my in-the-works version of the Castle of the Mad Archmage wasn't prominent.

If you're interested and in the area, please shoot me a private email at joseph at josephbloch dot com and I can answer any questions.


Chris said...

Dangit! Wrong continent. :-(

Joseph said...

I figured it would be a long-shot to see if anyone was actually within a reasonable distance, but what the heck.

Michael said...

Dude, you just made my day.

I'm sending you an email right now.

drmanbot said...

I would Email you, but your addy that you left makes no kinds of sense.

I live in Warren County, that can't be to far from you.

drmanbot said...

Annnnnnnd Since I forgot to mention it before I've got multiple PH, DMG, MM's and assorted other 1E wonders just waiting to be used again.

Joseph said...

your addy that you left makes no kinds of sense

Hmmm... joseph at josephbloch dot com

Perhaps if you say it out loud it'll make a little more sense?

Or, just substitute an @ for the "at" and a . for the "dot" and take out the spaces.

It's a common technique to foil attempts to harvest email addresses off of websites. :-)

Oh, and Warren county is right next door.

drmanbot said...

oh. me stupid.

Joseph said...

drmanbot, are you still interested in playing? We'll be starting up very soon and I haven't heard from you.