Thursday, July 17, 2008

Witch Class Preview: Evil Eye

Evil Eye (Conjuration/Summoning) Reversible

Level: 1

Components: S, (M)

Range: 30’

Casting Time: 1 segment

Duration: 1 day/level

Saving Throw: Neg.

Area of Effect: 1 person

Explanation/Description: One of the most famous of all witcheries is the evil eye. The unfortunate person struck by this evil is struck by one of the following effects (the caster chooses):

BAD LUCK — Recipient receives a -5% or -1 (whichever is appropriate) in any circumstance which relies on chance, including gambling, use of thief abilities, chances of random encounters, etc.

ILLNESS — Recipient is 25% more likely to acquire disease or infection (see AD&D, DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE). If already ill, there is a 5% chance the illness will last to maximum duration.

IMPOTENCE — Recipient is incapable of sexual intercourse (if male) or conceiving a child (if female). If the recipient is already pregnant, the evil eye will result in a 10% chance of miscarriage.

The effects of the evil eye are not cumulative. The evil eye can be dispelled by a remove curse spell. The reverse of the spell is used to remove the evil eye from someone already afflicted.

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